On Friday, October 21st, post a blog about fisting — what it means to you, what you like about it, tweet about #fisting, Facebook about the act. Share posts. Tumblr the fuck out of it. Read a fisting how-to book.

Watch queer porn online. We will post our favorite, uncensored scenes HERE from sites like QueerPorn.TV, Crash Pad Series, No Fauxxx, and more. 

Enter a CONTEST at Queer Porn Tube, a free user-generated, community-driven queer porn site - upload photos or videos (hardcore OR just plain cute/symbolic) and you can win a Skype date with Courtney Trouble, an autographed copy of Live Sex Show, or international fame - your choice.    (More Info on the Contest click here)

And if you want to be one of the first wave of supporters to order a DVD that actually has fisting IN it, October 21st is also the release date of Courtney Trouble’s LIVE SEX SHOW.

Watch a free online fisting workshop hosted by Courtney Trouble, 8pm PST - where she will answer your questions live, demonstrate some easy techniques, and fist a porn star friend! (We will post the link HERE on October 21st)

So get excited. Learn something. Teach someone. Talk about it. Watch it. Love it. Join our FIST FIGHT!

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(brought to you by fisting’s biggest fans, courtney trouble and jiz lee)