The amazing M. Taueret Davis and Enoch Riese follow up on their video from Fisting Day 2011!!!


Happy fisting day! #fistingday #unicorns #weird

Today is one of my favorite holidays - International Fisting Day! My official t-shirt has been ordered, I’m listening to the Sinead / Miley mashup, which for some reason reminds me of the act of fisting - NOT in a “wrecking ball” way but more of the “nothing compares”, “should’ve let you in” kinda way - so I am pumped and ready to celebrate in style!
I am still working on a new blog post about the state of fisting in 2013, but in the me a time you can gush over my five fingered musings from 2011 (*GASP* time flies when you’re being fisted!) below.
To really get into the fisting spirit, you can watch one of my most favorite POV videos, “Roadside Fisting”. This was documented when I made a special stop on a dirt road in Tucson, AZ on an epic and dirty cross country road trip. Gushing over paws and forearms ensue.
* * *
In response to the act of fisting being considered “obscene”, and therefore censored in pornography distribution, queer porn pioneers Jizz Lee and Courtney Trouble sanctioned the first ever International Fisting Day in 2011. The creation of this monumental occasion has sparked some interesting dialogue about this five-fingered sex act. Watching the way this topic has trickled into our conversations over lunch, the internet and news sources has been fascinating. I have seen words and images of overjoyed fisting enthusiasts who are thrilled to see one of their favorite and most pleasurable activities being honored with an official day. I have enjoyed discussions with friends, co-workers, and my lover about the nuances of this intimate act. I have read some clever comments like “And I thought fist pumps were on the outs…”. And I have seen many phobic and ignorant responses about fisting like, “Disgusting”, “I had no idea…”, “Thats ruining vaginas!”, “Ew- she’s using gloves!”, and “I am so grossed out!”. To me this illustrates the disparity of knowledge about this sexual act. More specifically it shows the lack of knowledge about sexuality that does not fall within the nicely drawn lines of heteronormative acceptability. This day gives fisting something that is very important when trying to expand and improve our society’s sexual culture: visibility.
Visibility is a huge part of why queer porn exists in the first place. We are creating a platform to show who, how and why we like to fuck - showcasing alternative sexualities, body types and acts as hot and desirable. Seeing our sex lives represented in film gives us an immense sense of validation in a society that seldom does. When something is not visible it means that it is not important enough or there is something that is indecent, offensive, abhorrent, disgusting, wrong, repulsive by reason of crass disregard of moral or ethical principles. Which are all words that define obscene in the webster dictionary.
As a sex-educator and porn performer one of my goals is to work towards creating a healthier sexual culture. This includes removing stigma and shame about one’s sexuality. Labeling fisting as obscene and censoring the act in films perpetuates stigma. It continues to create a deepening divide between queer/not queer, kinky/vanilla, decent/indecent, right/wrong, which promotes a sexual climate that is full of ignorance, judgment, shame and guilt.
I believe that one of the best ways to demystify something is to share your own story. I share A LOT of myself on camera and on the internet. While much of the time I use my nipples, mouth, cunt and dirty words to tantalize and pleasure you, I also hope to be encouraging an attitude of sexual freedom, experimentation, intelligence and capability within all of you. My “hands-on” experience with fisting started last spring for a shoot for the Feminist Porn Network.
My First Time: I was working an all day shoot for Madison Young’s Feminist Porn Network. It had been a full day of on-camera masturbation, dirty stories, kinky photos, phone sex, POV sex and culminating in an epic fisting scene for the launch of Maggie’s New site I was a little nervous as I am sure that the fact that I had just fucked her into a puddle on the dining room table next to a bowl of juicy ripe peaches a few minutes prior was great motivation to get deep inside of me! Maggie treated my very first time being fisted like the pro that she is. She got me nice and aroused - utilizing the magic of the Hitachi magic wand and her dirty mouth and lots of lube. She kept in constant communication with me- went slower and faster as I asked for it. And before I knew it she had fisted me into a flurry, making me loudly gush and orgasm all around her hands and wrists. I remember feelings of fullness, awe and respect at the dance that was just performed between her fist and myself. You will be able to see the debut scene of this five finger revolution come to life here very soon.
The second time: I was fisted as part of a Kink Academy demonstration video facilitated by my babealicious porn wife, Courtney Trouble. Our porn “marriage” is based on both being badass curvy femmes who have a mutual affinity for ravaging each other while wearing high heels and lots of lipstick. Then when we are done we joyfully wipe each other’s pussy juice off our hands, go drink whiskey or tea, and talk about photography, our family, fiancé’s/boyfriends, landlords, websites and make-up. The trust and connection was there and I loved this experience. It was like being in the front row of a class on my vagina. I was in this interesting state of arousal and curiosity as I watched and took note of how my body responded. Each motion had a different result of contraction or expansion, give and take, until I had fully swallowed her whole hand. This almost scientific analysis of my body’s capability made me think of my pleasure in an entirely new way. We had basically consummated our porn marriage by putting the ring of my vagina around her fingers!
My Third time: My partner and I are in a long distance relationship. The amount of physical time we spend together is pretty minimal. Keeping that connection and closeness while 2000 miles a part is something we constantly work on. When we were deciding to be together he said to me, “I only wanna dip my paws in you”! It was the best thing I had ever heard and that phrase solidified us. Fisting is a sexual act that encourages intimacy, patience, trust and closeness between us. The fisting process is sometimes slow. It requires both people involved to be present, engaged and connected. When he starts to fist me, every thought and worry leave my head. Any walls I have up have to be taken down. My mind and body start to pay complete attention to him and how his hand is causing me to feel. I love watching him watch my body cues: my breath quickens and slows, my eyes close then open to search hungrily for him, I restrict and expand telling him how much further and harder he can go. There is so much thought, care and cooperation involved with him filling me up completely. I am literally making room for him inside me. This is especially meaningful to me when there are long physical absences between us. He was just here visiting me last week. The last night he was here we decided that that the distance and other factors were just too hard and that we would not be together anymore. After an awkward dinner out we came home and crawled into bed. I laid there in the dark and sad hot tears streamed down my face. Despite our decision, our bodies searched for each other in the dark, my mouth was on his mouth, his fingers were in my cunt. I told him that I wanted all of him inside me. He worked his way inside me and I let him in deeper than I had before. My cunt gushed the same way that my eyes were and after I came over and over on his hand, wrist and forearm, my body did not let him go. I felt like I was holding on to him with everything that I had. Something had changed - I let him in further than I had before and he wanted to be there.
My fisting ventures have been public, private, sweet, powerful, playful, profitable, intense, awakening, bonding, dirty and filthy - but by no means have they been obscene.

It’s my birthday and my favorite holiday!

It’s my birthday and my favorite holiday!

Your curiosity ALMOST killed…Yoni,

tricking her by telling her

…to relax…

hitting a spot to help calm the nerves,

feeling the motions of hands taking turns…

Yoni doesn’t know what’s happening…

except for the stroking that was occurring

in the motion of one hand,

then another,

then back to the other hand,

then fingers in,

fingers out,

fingers curling,



…and fisting again…

Yoni screaming, cumming, releasing…

tricking Yoni into thinking

that it was only going to be fingering.

Yoni is no longer a virgin…

to a pumping fist.

Author Poetic Old Soul

I drew this for a workshop handout.

I drew this for a workshop handout.

I’m a queer femme from New Zealand who has to censor fisting and female ejaculation from porn scenes before they are distributed throughout the country. Read the full fisting rant here -

Her face, boyish, grinning at me, looking down with the sexiest ‘aw shucks’ shake of her head. Her strong hands moving quickly to find a place to land that feels solid. Something to hold her steady for a moment because she moves as a constant. Her energy pulls at me when I get close enough. Pulls me in. Holds me there.

I scratch at the closely cropped hair on her head. After we’ve fucked and she’s falling asleep, I pet and pet her and she nuzzles against me like a sleepy little pup. I kiss her above her ear and nip at that sweet, thick mass of hair. I growl and she laughs and groans against my neck. “I can’t stop fucking you,” I whisper with my teeth grazing the side of head. I roll her onto her side. She reaches an arm back and grabs my neck, pulling my mouth harder against her. My teeth clamp down for a moment. I hold her neck in my mouth. She stirs awake enough for me, for this, for more. I listen to her body. It’s her ass suddenly pressing back into my belly as I slide lower against her back that tells me. I listen. I listen to her. I push my fingers against her and feel what she tells me. I press my ear between her shoulder blades. My mouth is open and breathing heavily. We are going to begin again.

I rock against her, my chest pressed up against her back, starting slowly and then building into something more like wrestling. She responds, first rocking with me, playful, and then kicking one leg in front of her to help her fight back. She laughs. I feel her laughter. Her back shakes against me, her strong shoulders. I dig my chin into her thick muscles. I bite hard next to her shoulder blade, making her yelp, and move quickly to roll her onto her belly and pin her down. She lets me. She pushes back, but she lets me grip her wrists and hold her down. I press my hips against her, lifting my chest and belly to push myself with a stiffening desire up against her ass. I curve over her to suck on the back of her neck. I growl with my lips smashed against her skin, “Again. I need you again. Now.” Her head is pressed into the mattress, turned to the left. I see her wide, crooked grin. Her eyes are closed. I grind my cunt against her ass. I feel myself get so wet. My pussy drips down my thigh. Hard now. Pounding. Pushing against each other. We go from playful to serious in a split second. And now I’m gripping her wrists more tightly. And then her neck. She opens her eyes and looks at me. That grin. Her open mouth, gasping. Tight on her neck. My fingers. Squeezing her in my thighs. The sweat on my chest and lower back surfaces quickly. We’re wet where our bodies rub together. My thighs slip against her. Sweat. I let go of her for a moment to reach down and pull the sweat off her back with my fingers, bringing them to my mouth for a taste. “Salty,” I say, “Taste this,” and touch the tip of my finger to her tongue. She pulls me into her mouth, sucking hard. “I need to fuck you,” I tell her. She nods her head, pulling my finger deeper insider her mouth, her cheeks sink as she sucks on me. “Yes,” I tell her and press my face against hers.

I kneel between her thighs, shoving them open. I lean down to the floor for the knocked over bottle of lube we’ve been going back to all night long. It slips in my fingers, spinning on the hardwood floor, hard to grip. More wetness. More. More fucking. It’s been hours. I was exhausted and nearly asleep only a few minutes earlier. And now I’m awake and staring at the flushed red patch that grows on my chest and on the back of her neck. Red. Flushed. Hot. Ready.

I listen. I watch. Desire is visible, tangible. Hot, so hot. I hear my own voice suddenly yell out, guttural, animal. I say the word that’s in my head aloud, “Animal,” and lift her hips off the mattress. Her ass, so perfect below me. I push three fingers inside her. Slicked up. So wet. “Fuck,” I yell or maybe she does, “Yes.” She pushes her elbows into the air and lifts her low belly, her ass elevated higher for me. She comes to me. I invite her. Or maybe it’s the other way around. “More,” she says. “More lube. More of you.” My chest rattles and shakes. “Fuck, yes,” I whisper, lost in ecstasy, religious, expanding inside my body, my mind, lost to myself in the physical present tense. More lube. A lot. I drip it onto the back of my hand and twist and bend my wrist moving another finger and then my thumb inside her. She slaps the bed hard with her hand. “All of me,” I whisper to her. “Yes,” she whines through clenched teeth, and then “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me,” streams out of her and drives me blind.

I’m on my knees, leaning back. I see the muscles in my stomach stretched tight. I stare down at my body kneeling here between her thighs. I stare at my hand moving deep inside her pussy. I lift my free arm like a rodeo rider and swing it above me to help me move and sway, pushing my hand deeper, so deep, rhythmically inside her. She opens for me. My knuckles disappear. “Fuck, yes.” I yell, “Fuck, yes.” My left arm swings down, swings, so fast like a whip and I smack her ass hard. My flat palm hits her. Stings. My own hand stings so much I wince and only hit her harder each time. Relentless. I can feel it inside her. I can feel the spanking she’s getting and her pussy opens for me again. More. Deeper. A cave inside her. Ancient. I close my eyes and smile, leaning my head back so my face is turned towards the ceiling. We are both yelling, “Fuck.” I smile so good so happy so lost.

My luck. I can’t believe my luck. I lose myself for a moment. Remembering how just hours before this moment I walked into that bar and saw her. Saw her grin. Saw her boyish jaw. Her good hands. The scar on her wrist. How she slipped into that soft accent and stared just right with her head tilted just right and her tongue her lips her teeth just right. How we laughed at everything. How I told her I wanted to take her home. How she said yes and yes and we left together and fucked for hours. And here she is, my hand inside her, both of us reaching for pure, ecstatic release. Our mouths open. Our heads upturned. Like the birds on my arms. Soaring. The birds we talked about for a long time. The birds she will dream about. Her own birds.

I am fucking her now. The room is so goddamn hot. The muscles under her skin ripple beneath me and make me catch my breath. Sweet girl. So sweet. I fuck her like this for a long time and keep hitting her ass with my open palm, swinging my arm wildly from one side to the other. Her ass starts to glow red in the dim light. The heat of this minor injury rising up to warm my belly. I feel her bones rattle. I watch her mouth open and suck the air. I watch her eyes squeeze shut. I see her fingers crook and grip the air, so stiff. Her body clenches and relaxes and pulls her forward into this deep abyss of pleasure and pain all mixed up together so you don’t know which is which. And I scream out once or twice. My voice bouncing back against me off the walls. 

Rattle and moan. Wriggle your hips. Laugh. Yell. Bite your lip. Wrinkle up your nose, that nose, your cute face, so fucking cute, catches me, caught me.

My chin is wet with sweat. My forearm is burning. I stop smacking her ass and grab my own wrist to fuck her harder, shoving my hand inside her faster and watch her react. She reacts. “Animals,” I say and she smiles, “We fuck like animals because we are animals.” “FUCK,” she yells back at me.

No more words. Just the sound of us fucking. For a long time.

I can’t remember how we slow it down. How it explodes and ends. Somehow it just does. Somehow I pull my hand out of her and drag my wet, sticky fingers over her ass and up her back to her shoulders. Somehow we are sleepy again and she is held tight in my arms and we kiss with big open mouths, sucking. My heart still pounding. I catch my breath. We’re going to do this again. We talk. We agree. She stays. I want her to stay. I need to fuck her when we wake up. We need more of this. We laugh. Who does this? Maybe everyone. How would we know? We only know this. We only know ourselves. Our own lives. Fucking. Fisting. Hitting. Biting. Clawing. Scratching. The struggle. The playfulness. The heat and the wetness. The marks we leave. Her bruise from someone’s bite before me that I lick and trace. Let’s dance together like this. Let’s make a pact. Again. Like animals. Soon.

BD Swain

Jiz Lee and Wolf Hudson give a fist-bump shout-out from Brighton, UK. It looks cold there!

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